How to Set Up Your Cobblestone

by Marvin Lim March 17, 2017

How to Set Up Your Cobblestone

You have your Cobblestone and want to set it up quickly, or you're interested in getting one but are wondering how complicated is it to set-up, I'd like to help you either way. Here are the steps to getting your Cobblestone up and running.

What you'll need

  1. The Cobblestone.
  2. Your speaker or sound system with 3.5mm audio jack or RCA audio jack.
  3. Spotify premium account, or a similar app to test the playback afterwards. Please see the additional information tab on the Cobblestone's product page for a list of compatible services.
  4. Internet connection (if you're using a streaming service).

On the Cobblestone


1. Plug your audio cable

There are 2 audio cables supplied with the Cobblestone. The 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack & the 3.5mm to RCA audio jack. Choose one depending on the input of your speaker or sound system. It can either be a 3.5mm jack or an RCA (left & right channel).

This photo below is a 3.5mm to  RCA audio cable.


And this here below is a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack.


2. Plug the power adapter

There's a micro-usb cable and a power adapter supplied with your Cobblestone. Plug it in to the micro-usb slot behind your Cobblestone.

On the Phone

3. Connect your phone to the desired wi-fi

Using your mobile phone, connect to the desired wi-fi network where you want the Cobblestone to connect to. Please note that the Cobblestone can only connect to a 2.4Ghz wi-fi channel.

4. Download the app

Download the Muzo app on your phone. Download from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.

5. Sync the Cobblestone

Open the app on your phone.

A. You will see the search screen. Press the Add Device button.


B. The app will then show you which network it will connect to. Press Next.


C. Then you will see a screen where the app will ask you to press the WPS button behind the Cobblestone. Press the WPS button first, then press Next on the app right after.


D. Wait for the Cobblestone to connect. The app will let you know when it's connected.


To test, you can open the Spotify app on your phone and on the bottom you should see a Devices available button. You can tap on that and see the Cobblestone as the device that starts with LinkPlay. If you'd like to rename it, you can do that on the app. Stay tuned for the tutorial.

Cobblestone is also a repeater - You should assign a password

A good plus about the Cobblestone is that it's a wireless repeater. It can further extend the wi-fi signal in your place. However, by default, the Cobblestone doesn't have a password for its wi-fi. So other people can access your network without needing a password. To avoid this, simply log into the Cobblestone to assign a password. I'll also have a tutorial on this. Please stay tuned.

There you have it! What do you think of the set-up? I hope I was able to lay it out clearly for you. Let me know by posting your comments below. If you like to keep the articles coming, you can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our page. Thank you for reading!

Marvin Lim
Marvin Lim


I love anything that makes life easier & enjoyable. I don't get things right the first, second or third time around. So, I strongly believe the saying, "If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you."

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