How to Play Media Files on Your IOS via RAVPower Filehub

by Marvin Lim December 16, 2014

How to Play Media Files on Your IOS via RAVPower Filehub

It's nice to be able to access a great deal of your content thru an IOS device, but how do you do it? We hope that this short guide can help.

  1. Please download & install the Infuse 3 app for IOS. NOTE: You can download other player apps that you prefer as long as they can play the media format you want over samba or DLNA.
  2. Plug in your micro-SD card or USB drive and turn on your Ravpower Filehub.
  3. Connect to your Ravpower Filehub via wifi. The SSID will be at the back of the device. Usually it starts with "Filehub-".
  4. Configure your DLNA share. Please use a PC or a Mac for this step as it's difficult to configure it via a smart device (IOS/Android).
    1. Open your Safari or other web browser to Ravpower Filehub's IP address (default:
    2. Use 'admin' as username and no password for logging in. Please note that username is case-sensitive.
    3. Go to Services.
    4. Change the DLNA directory to a folder where you can find your media files.
    5. Press Save.
    6. Logout.
  5. Activate the player app you downloaded and select DLNA server
  6. Select 'Media Explorer'.
  7. Select 'Media Serviers (UPNP/DLNA Media Servers)'
  8. Select 'RAV_Filehub'.
  9. Choose 'Browse Folders'.
  10. From here you can see your folder's contents. You can easily navigate and play a media file.
  11. Alternatively, you can select Music, Video and Pictures to see all the related media files in the DLNA directory you've chosen.

IMPORTANT: Please unmount (safely remove) your USB drive or micro-SD card BEFORE physically detaching it from your RAVPower Filehub.

You're welcome to visit us at our shop to try out this product.

Please email us if there're any corrections, improvements or any questions. Thank you.

Marvin Lim
Marvin Lim


I love anything that makes life easier & enjoyable. I don't get things right the first, second or third time around. So, I strongly believe the saying, "If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you."

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