Playing Dolby ATMOS & DTS:X Movies on the Wetek Player

playing dolby atmos movies on the wetek player

Update (November 29, 2018): It’s easier to configure now using the Vero 4K+. Update (March 18, 2017) : Both Wetek Hub and Wetek Play 2 can be configured this way. Along with 4K, Dolby ATMOS is one of the more exciting things to happen to home cinema these past few years. You have probably seen a few Dolby ATMOS […]

How to Manually Update Your Wetek Player

How to Manually Update Your Wetek Player

Who is this for? This applies to both the Wetek Hub and the Wetek Play 2. What you’ll need USB or micro SD formatted in FAT32. Internet connection to download the firmware. If you already have the firmware, you don’t need an internet connection anymore. Download the latest firmware (Choose below) Wetek Hub latest firmware Wetek Play 2 […]

How to Stream Video to Your Android Phone Using RAVPower Filehub

how to stream video to your android phone using ravpower filehub

Instructions on streaming video from your Filehub to your Android phone We’ll show you how to stream videos from your usb drive to your Android smartphone using the RAVPower Filehub. You’ll find the usb port at the bottom of the device. This serves as either data access or charging port. You can also insert a micro-sd card […]

How to Use the RAVPower Filehub as a Wireless Bridge

How to Use the Ravpower Filehub as a Wireless Bridge

Wi-Fi is always convenient until it goes out of range. Ever had that time when you’re comfortably seated on a sofa but the Wi-Fi is just a few feet out of range? RAVPower Filehub works in a pinch. It can extend the wireless signal for you. This article shows you how to set up your Filehub […]

How to Play Media Files on Your IOS via RAVPower Filehub

How to Play Media Files on Your iOS via Ravpower Filehub

It’s nice to be able to access a great deal of your content thru an IOS device, but how do you do it? We hope that this short guide can help. Please download & install the Infuse 3 app for IOS. NOTE: You can download other player apps that you prefer as long as they can […]