Instructions on streaming video from your Filehub to your Android phone
We’ll show you how to stream videos from your usb drive to your Android smartphone using the RAVPower Filehub. You’ll find the usb port at the bottom of the device. This serves as either data access or charging port. You can also insert a micro-sd card on the device’s side but for this demo we’ll use a usb drive. Press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds. You’ll know that the router mode is activated when the middle light is on. The device is ready when the blue light becomes steady. Next, we download the RAV Filehub app from the Google Play Store. Then, we connect to our Filehub via wifi. The default SSID is formatted as Filehub-XXXX. The default password is 11111111 (8 x 1’s). Once connected, find and open the file using the RAV Filehub app. You can use your preferred media player app. IMPORTANT: Please unmount (safely remove) your USB drive or micro-SD card BEFORE physically detaching it from your RAVPower Filehub. You’re welcome to visit us at our shop to try out this product. Please email us if there’re any corrections, improvements, any questions or just to say ‘hi’. Thank you.

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