Local Streaming: How to Play Videos from Your Windows 10 PC to Your Kodi TV Box

This tutorial is still a draft. If the pictures are too small, click on them and you’ll get a bigger picture. These are the steps to sharing your Windows folder to your Kodi device. Create a User with Limited Privileges (Recommended, But Optional) I’ve always been paranoid when it comes to security. Although Kodi protects […]

How to Upload Logs for Vero 4K+ to Analyze Problems

Note: This is still a Draft Please note that this is still a draft, but the steps are accurate. The video I used in the example doesn’t have any problem so if you check out the logs, you won’t find any errors. Enabling the Log 1. Select Settings Vero 4K+ Home Menu – Select “Settings” […]

What is KODI?

what is kodi banner

KODI – An Introduction In the early days of high-definition LCD and Plasma Televisions, media players were indispensable in their ability to play back high-definition files stored on USB drives. These devices were pretty simple – instead of using optical discs to store music or movies, they used hard drives, which lets you store a […]

WeTek Dual Boot Explained

WeTek Dual Boot What is It

What is an Operating System? An Operating System or OS is a software that runs the electronic device – everything fromĀ installing and removing Apps, connecting to WIFI or even shutting down and starting up your device isĀ done by your phone or computer’s OS. Windows, iOS and Android are different kinds of Operating Systems – each […]

5 Reasons to Use LibreELEC on your WeTek Android Media Player

libreelec on wetek media player

Introduction So you got your shiny new Android-based player and you’re enjoying your experience thus far. However, you find your player going slower and slower the longer you use it or maybe installing that ‘must have’ app causes you to crash every other button press. Eventually, you find yourself having to factory reset your player […]

How to Backup and Restore Your Kodi Under LibreELEC

backup libreelec kodi

Why Backup? Just like any reasons for backing up, backing up in LibreELEC is a must. It just saves your hard work. Can you imagine going through all the customizations and then losing it? All the remote control customizations, all the add-ons you spent time researching, fine tuning. The wallpapers, screensavers, icons. All the tweaks […]

How to Make Your LibreELEC Card

LibreELEC on micro SD

If you’ve tried the LibreELEC edition for the Wetek, you know it’s very nice to have. This is a step by step guide to making your own LibreELEC card for your Wetek player. What you’ll need A desktop or laptop computer with a card reader. Internet connection. A micro SD (UHS-1 speed recommended). Let’s do […]

Are you on Qualcomm’s Quick Charge List?

are you on qualcomms quick charge list

Ever wonder if your mobile device has Qualcomm’s Quick Charge for fast charging? Below is a list of devices (includes phones, tablets, virtual reality gear & drones) certified by Qualcomm to have their Quick Charge technology. IMPORTANT: Qualcomm mentioned that these devices have the needed hardware to use Quick Charge BUT it is up to […]

How to Organize Your Movie Collection

You probably have a handful of movies in your collection. And because of this, you definitely would like to keep them organized – all displayed, sorted, packed with pretty fan arts and accurate information. By the end of this article, you will learn how to turn your movie collection from this into this What you […]